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DoubleClick.exe is a Windows program to generate a double click when clicking a Logitech mouse center button. The intended use is load at boot and stay resident. The program will run in the background (without taskbar icons) and modify the operation of the mouse center button.

I created this because I have an ancient serial Logitech MouseMan 3-button mouse. It looks something like a rounded triangle without a scroll wheel. I've had it for ages and I'm used to the way it sits in my hand.

When I moved to a 64-bit Windows 7 box the Logitech drivers stopped working (actually I don't believe there were Win 7 Logitech drivers for this mouse). The standard Microsoft driver handled the left and right buttons fine, but did nothing when I clicked the center button.

So I created this program -- a simple AutoHotkey (ver script, compiled to a standalone executable. The entire script is:

    *MButton::SendInput {Click 2}

I load the executable when the system boots (you can do this with your task scheduler). It takes a miniscule amount of system resources, and will work on 32 or 64-bit versions of windows.

I have no clue how compatible this program might be with other mice. I can only say it works with my Logitech MouseMan serial. Try it and see.

10/22/2021: Compiled a 64-bit version (using AutoHotkey

64-bit version released 10/22/2021:   64-bit version.

Click here to download

version 1.0 released 6/5/2015:  Initial version.

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