phdeldup.bat -- Delete duplicate files
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[page last modified 2015-03-31]

This is a batch file to delete duplicate files matching a file/directory specification. There are many tools to do this, but perhaps none so simple.

This was written as an exercise to see if deleting duplicate files could be accomplished at the command line with a simple Windows .BAT file.

Delete duplicate files matching filespec. 3/31/2015 The most recently modified file is kept. Hidden, System, Read-only and 0-length files are ignored. phdeldup . deletes duplicates in the current directory. phdeldup e:\*.jpg deletes duplicate jpegs in the root of e:.

Change Log

New version released 3/31/2015:   Fixed bugs (causing slow execution) when deleting files in other than current directory.

Click here to download  phdeldup.bat

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