phextab -- expand tabs to spaces
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phextab is a command line tool to replace tabs in an ASCII stream with spaces to the next tab stop (tab expansion). The default tab stop used is 8.

The original version (1.0) was compiled in 1996 for a 16-bit architecture. Microsoft forced us to Windows 7 and 16-bit tools stopped working. At some point I needed this and recompiled it 32-bits.

The code is small and simple and fast. Full source is provided; it is freeware, there are no restrictions on its use, but no guarantee is given.

Careful -- infile and outfile must not be the same.
phextab functions as a pipe, reading chunks of input from stdin, processing them, and writing chunks of output to stdout.

Replaces tabs with strings of spaces -- Ver 2.1, 2014

 USAGE:  phextab {tab} <infile >outfile

{tab}:   tab stop setting (default is 8)

version 2.1 released 4/27/2014:  Initial Win32 version.

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