phico -- Generate .ico files from .ico/.png/.bmp
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[page last modified 2013-05-07]

phico.exe is a simple command line tool to build a single output icon (.ico) file from one or more input files.

The input files can be BMP, ICO or PNG. The output file can also be an input file, allowing images to be added to an existing .ico file.

The C source is included. Here's the current help given if insufficient arguments are supplied:

phico ver 1.0, May 7, 2013 --
Builds .ico file from input .bmp, .ico or .png

Usage: phico outfile.ico infile1 (infile2...)

  phico nul in.ico - display info about in.ico
  phico icon.ico icon.ico new.ico - add new.ico to icon.ico
  phico icon.ico in1.bmp in2.png in3.ico - build icon.ico

Change Log

5/7/13- Version 1.0.

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