RenXnews.bat -- Rename Xnews __error_part_ files
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[page last modified 2013-02-07]

RenXnews.bat renames partial files produced by Xnews to their original filenames, allowing them to be found and processed by QuickPar.

Xnews is used to download large Usenet binaries broken up into sets of many files. These sets often come with .par2 data to repair missing/incomplete files.

Yes... sometimes a file is incomplete on a news server. If only 53 of 100 pieces of the file "Plan.9.From.Outer.Space.part08.rar" could be retrieved, Xnews will name the resulting file "Plan.9.From.Outer.Space.part08__error_part_54.rar"

After downloading, QuickPar is run to verify/repair the set of files. This is where the problem lies -- QuickPar will not utilize any file that has __error_part_ included in the name, even though it might hold 100 meg of usable data.

What is needed before running QuickPar is to rename all files containing __error_part_ to their original names.

renxnews dir Renames "dir\*__error_part_*" files produced by XNEWS to their original filenames -- this allows QuickPar to find and process such files. The argument is the directory holding the file(s) to rename. Examples: renxnews . rename file(s) in current directory renxnews r:\download rename file(s) in r:\download directory

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