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This is a simple Win32 command-line program to extract a chunk of data from an uncompressed .wav file creating another .wav file as a result.  It's probably been written a thousand times, but I couldn't find one yesterday so I wrote it myself.

I needed to manipulate multi-hundred megabyte .wav files, so I made it fast -- it uses large buffers and will overwrite an existing destination file in-place to eliminate allocation time.

Free to use and distribute, subject to the Freeware License that comes packaged with the utility.

Here's the current help given if you don't supply any arguments:

Ver 1.0 [8/18/2003]: Extracts a chunk from an uncompressed .WAV file.
  Freeware by Paul Houle (www.paulhoule.com/wavchunk).

Usage: wavchunk In{.wav} {Out{.wav} Start {Length}}

  In:     Input (PCM-only) wave file ("-" for stdin).
  Out:    Output wave file ("-" for stdout).
  Start:  Start file offset.
  Length: Length of chunk (if none, extract to EOF).


1) If only In given, file statistics are displayed w/o extraction.
2) Start and Length may be in time or sample formats.
   Times   are of the form {+|-}{{hh:}mm:}ss{.ms}
   Samples are of the form {+|-}nnn#
   Start may be negative to indicate an offset from EOF.
   Examples: -10 : final 10 seconds.
        10.5 100 : start at 10.5 seconds, extract 100 seconds.
        1:00 1000# : 1000 samples starting at 1 minute.
   Indexing by samples is exact; by time may involve rounding.
   Indexing beyond file limits is clipped.
3) If Out exists it is overwritten in-place for speed.

Change Log

8/19/03- Version 1.0.

Click here to download  wavch10.zip

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